Growing the Group

Nothing Special has grown massively over the year and I have achieved many of the things I set out to do but there is always more we can do.

There are several parts to the group including advocating sport and fitness with the Kickboxing class. (I’m always looking for other organizations to help with more groups). The friendship aspect where our young people just may need that little bit of help to make friends.

Monthly or bi-monthly activities, like meeting at malls, crazy golf, Apple Training courses etc. Bigger events like bowling, glass blowing and BBC studio tours. Then there are the big events such as the disco and finally the music and video recording later in year.

There is also the merchandise side including T-Shirts, Hoodies, car sticker and coming soon baseball caps and mugs. ( We have sold over 35 T-Shirts to date). To me this is a very important part of the group as it is getting the message further a field and as my son isn’t very verbal this is a perfect example of non-verbal communication. It makes a little profit for the group and helps to fund future events and helps subsidize other events to make it accessible for all..

I am always looking for help and ways to grow there group, as it is very difficult sometimes to juggle life and run an amazing group. J